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Patti Goetzke, President
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About Patti Goetzke Consulting, Inc.
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Patti Goetzke has over twenty years experience in the Clinical Research industry focusing on site contract and budget negotiation, study contract and budget progress tracking, and clinical study outsourcing management.  Patti interacts with your clinical team, legal team, finance team and investigators to ensure your study and your company requirements are met, while ensuring positive relationships with your sites.  

We provide management services in the following areas:

Site contract and budget process implementation
Site budgets
Clinical Study Agreements
Master Agreements
Confidentiality Agreements
Track status of site Agreements, grant payments
Monthly status reporting
Other miscellaneous contract and budget services also available.

Patti has worked in the Pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years focusing on Clinical Research vendor and site contract negotiation, contract management, outsourcing and R&D finance.
Committed to helping our clients achieve their goals